When you think of Mexico, do you think of farm living? It is everywhere. Read the little tiny labels in your grocery store on all the fruits and vegetables. Less than 1% of Mexico’s’ land mass is in use. Almost anything can grow here…some things needing more humidity like avocados, papaya, and coconuts and they will line the coastline of Mexico. You can go inland and grow beans, broccoli, alfalfa, tomatoes, onions, garlic, spinach, escarole, kale and just about anything else veggie.

farm livingFarmland is a block of land on which seeds can be planted and grown. Land correctly used for agricultural purposes in the raising of crops or livestock is called rural farmland. It is one of the primary resources in agriculture.
The sunshine and warm weather grow flowers and herbs too. Lavender in Central Mexico compares to that of Provence in France. Sunflowers, rosemary, olive trees, lime and lemon, pomegranate and passion fruit. Opportunities and creativity with modern farming are endless. With the global tensions and inflation, sustainability will continue to be a conversation piece. Is it attractive to own land, grow your own food, live in the sunshine, reduce your property taxes, and overall enjoy a better life? At first glance, it may be that all things look beautiful and only a little undercurrent exists, ‘I work too hard and have no time to enjoy life’ is a nagging thought. When it becomes over-riding, it may be too late.

Farmland prices have been driven to an all-time high by good commodity prices and low-interest rates, but there’s uncertainty about how long it will last. Due to nonstop deforestation, the even arable land has turned into wastelands.Farmland for sale in Mexico offers endless ways to design an outdoor life. I am not a farmer, but in the last year I have taken on learning about how to garden here, what does well where and I am in a process to develop a rotation of my favorite staples and quantities that will keep us flush with veggies to juice and sauté. It is a matter of usage and math. We also started composting, and the amount of trash bags has been cut in half. What we discard goes back to the earth. It is a family rhythm now. The stray dogs get fat on the compost too (when they can dig themselves a hole to break in).

Teaching my kids about the environment, having them understand the cycle and growing naturally with natural solutions to pests, it is an eye-opener. As a family, we enjoy the adventure of dealing with rats with a natural approach, no poison. Diatomaceous earth is a must. We have dealt with flies and all sorts of pests on the veggies for last resort cures. While the kids may not eat the veggies, they know what they are, how to plant and cut, and more. Some day they will eat them too! We live where farm land for sale in Mexico is plentiful. We appreciate our international living on the farm, education and responsible living all in one.

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