In this article we are going to continue to talk about living in a farm. First of all we should be reminded about the word ” FARM”.

Farm is an area of land which is dedicated for the purpose of agriculture which includes the growing of food and other crops. In the today’s world of globalization the 70% of the Indians are still dependent on the farm for their survival and even for their family. The life in a farm is a very good life for the farmers living in the farm or for the others people too. And not only this but also the living in a farm is very good for the health.

In order to get up early in the morning there is no requirement for the alarm in farm. It can be done by the help of singing of the birds and many more. The day starts with a sweet smell of the green grass in a breeze. And then feed the cows and buffaloes and other animals their breakfast. And the best part is that bringing a milk bottle for the little baby goat. Living in a farm teaches us very important lessons of the life such as responsibility. The lesson of responsibility can be learned on the farm by taking care of the plants and animals. Like feeding the animals, giving water to the animals and also taking them outside for grazing etc. Taking care of the animals is a lot of responsibility. Land or the area of cultivation in a farm requires a lot of responsibility. The soil of the arable land has to be tilled and also make sure that the proper fertilizers are used.The seeds have to be planted into the soil and the plants from the seeds need to be weeded. And it is not the end when the plants are mature enough then the fruits need to be stored and preserved for the better utilization. It is a lot of work.

Living in a farm is a great fun and is provides us a pollution free environment. It is because in the farm there are not too many hazardous factories or the chemical factories which pollutes the environment or the lake water. So the environment is very healthy for the humans as well as the animals.Suppose the situation if there are factories in the farm still it would not affect the environment as such as in urban areas.It is due to the fact that the plants and tree are more in number in farm and they helps in refreshing the environment. The people living in a farm generally are more stronger than living in cities because in the farm they get good quality of food and fresh air with the purest form of water to drink. The people in a farm are more close to one another. They help each other in their bad time and supports in order to come out of the problem. The life in a farm is less stressful and if the person is stressed out so he/she can go to the nature or forest or can do cycling or run on the field.In the life of the farm there is no such things like wearing a fashionable clothes or wear the stuffs that look cool. The person do not have to much think about the clothes.As we discussed various good things about the life in a farm but there are some disadvantages too. The person living in a farm is not very much aware about the latest technology in the market,what is the latest fashion trend is going on in the world. The problem of employment is there in the farm if the person is not willing to spend his/her life in the farm. The problem of electricity is always there in the farm. And also the proper transportation facility is not there which creates a lot of issue and trouble for the people in their lives. The most important disadvantage is that not having the proper medical facilities. If the patient is seriously ill then there is the problem of doctor with the unavailability of the ambulance in order to take the patient to the doctor to the far off places. So overall we can say that it is great joy and a fun to live a life in a farm.